Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Installation Tools

Q: What tools are recommended for installation?
A: The list of tools is as follows:

  • Ratchet
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 10 mm socket
  • 13 mm wrench
  • 13 mm socket
  • 15 mm wrench
  • 15 mm socket
  • 4 mm allen head bit
  • 5 mm allen head bit
  • Rubber mallet with a soft face
  • Punch to use as a drift pin.
  • Torque wrench and bit holder

1.1 Fastener Torques

  • 8 mm socket head cap screw - 434 in-lbf (49 N-m)
  • 6 mm Socket Head Cap Screw - 176 in-lbf (20 N-m)
  • 6 mm Button Head Screw - 88 in-lbf (10N-m)
  • 5 mm Socket Head Cap Screw - 106 in-lbf (12 N-m)
  • Cover Screw - 53 in-lbf (3 N-m)

1.2 Turbine Blades

Please refer to the SolarMill technical manual before performing any maintenance.

Q: Why do the turbine blades need the tape that prevents them from spinning?
A: This tape is used to ensure that the blades do not spin until they are under electrical load. If the blades were to spin while not under electrical load, damage could occur to the electronic components.

Q: I have a turbine blade that is not spinning freely, what causes these problems?
A: The two most likely issues with the turbine not spinning freely is a failed generator or the cover scratching the receiver plate. If the issue is interference by the cover, there will be an audible scratching noise. If this noise does not exist, it is likely the generator.

1.3 Connection to the Electrical Grid

Q: Why does the circuit breaker keep tripping?
A: This occurs when the breaker is undersized for the power production or that there is a short in the AC circuit.