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WindStream Technologies Inc. manufactures, in the USA, wind turbines small enough, efficient enough, and affordable enough for everyone to lessen their environmental impact, while reducing their electricity cost. WindStream has designed, manufactured and shipped from its Indiana manufacturing facility an innovative line of vertical axis wind turbines with integrated PV panels for municipal, residential, and commercial use, both on and off grid, worldwide.

WindStream Technologies’ product, SolarMill®, is a small-scale hybrid wind and solar energy device that may be deployed in a range of environments, including the urban marketplace. SolarMills® are a new technology for harnessing wind and solar energy, which meets the needs of municipalities, small businesses and individual consumers, seeking to lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

While most wind turbine manufacturers are thinking bigger, we’re thinking smaller. WindStream believes the secret to making renewable energy both affordable and accessible is in hybridization and scalability.


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